Lovn' Your Guts Method

Do You feel 6 months pregnant by the end of the day no matter what you eat? This proven method is the key to achieving freedom from IBS & SIBO symptoms like bloating, belching, and abnormal bowel habits,  without having to rely on long term restrictive diets, supplements, and medications.

small Group Coaching Program

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Tell me, does this sound familiar?

  • You have tried everything from food sensitivity tests, to GI map tests, and breath tests just to hit a dead end.
  • You have spent hundreds or even thousands on supplements and visits to doctors and naturopaths without getting any real answers.
  • You have been spiraling down the google rabbit hole of SIBO and IBS information.
  • You are desperately searching for the root cause of your gut issues. 
  • You are stuck eating the same 5 "safe foods" and are scared to expand your diet due to fear of symptoms relapsing.
  • You are putting off traveling, dating, or even socializing due to your unpredictable GI habits.
  • You feel alone in this journey and losing hope of getting better.


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Can you imagine what life would look like if you could…

  • Enjoy your favorite foods again without having fear of it causing you pain and symptoms?
  • Excel your career without having to take endless time off due to symptoms?
  • Wear what you like without needing to constantly be hiding the bloat?
  • Have predictable bowel habits without relying on laxatives or supplements or knowing where every bathroom is located?
  • Enjoy eating out with friends without worrying about ending up in the toilet immediately after?
  • No longer cancel plans and traveling due to your symptoms?

The Lovn' Your Guts Small Group Coaching Program is a 6 month hybrid group coaching program. You will receive group support from like-minded women who really know what you are going through. At the same time you will get a completely personalized plan to guide you through your journey.

In this program, I will guide you through the steps of managing your gas, reflux, and bloating and help you regulate your unpredictable bowel habits. 

  • Eliminate your gas and bloating, improve your energy levels, and regulate your bowel habits.
  • Learn your unique triggers and how to manage them.
  • Effectively clear the SIBO without having to do round after round of antibiotics or antimicrobials.
  • Strategically ADD foods back into your diet.
  • Get to the root cause of your SIBO to set yourself up for long-term success.
  • AND rebuild your gut microbiome 

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time and money.

By the end of the program, you’ll…

While managing your symptoms, I will bring you on a journey of gut healing, helping you dig to get to the root cause of your IBS/SIBO. (No band-aid solutions here!) You will learn how to get the appropriate testing for SIBO and feel confident on what protocols suit you best.

I will ease the fear of reintroducing foods and help you gain the confidence to identify your unique triggers and what foods may be beneficial for you. Once we have done that, you will be provided with the pillars to long-term, optimal gut health to help you rebuild and strengthen your gut to avoid relapse.

If you're ready to achieve a symptom-free life,


This is Possible with my Proven Framework 

Build the Foundations

Learn to navigate what & how you should be eating to support motility, improve digestion, & strengthen your brain gut connection.

Discover & Treat SIBO

Gain the knowledge on how to discover and interpret functional tests to feel confident in choosing the best protocol for you.

ExploRe Root Cause

Dig into your history, food/stool journals, lab work, and tests to understand & learn how to manage your root cause.

Reintroduce & Rebuild

Utilize the pillars of gut health to expand your diet, strengthen your gut, and diversify your gut microbiome for long term success!

This step-by-step framework has helped hundreds heal their sibo for good!

here's what's included

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

You will receive one 1:1 session per month via zoom with me to dig deep into your diet and medical history and provide you with a personalized plan with meal and supplement suggestions.

Weekly Check-ins

Weekly Check-ins

The weekly check-in forms will help you reflect on your wins, challenges, and changes throughout the group. They will be used to provide insight on your progress in the group.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching

This is a small, tight-knit group. We will meet together every other week to discuss your progress and make necessary changes. I will review weekly check-ins and food/stool diaries and provide time for each member, one-by-one, to answer questions and set the plan with protocols provided. Think of it as individual coaching in a group session. Best of both worlds!

Food & Stool Diary Reviews

Food & Stool Diary Reviews

You will receive access to my health portal’s food, stool, and symptom journals. These will be reviewed prior to each sessions to assess trends and for me to provide you with the most accurate recommendations.

Health Portal Messenger Access

Health Portal Messenger Access

Have a question in between sessions? No problem. You have access to me via a health portal where you can send food labels or menus for review or ask general questions.

Conquering SIBO Course Access

Conquering SIBO Course Access

This course provides you with 30+ educational modules, downloadable handouts, recipes, and MORE! This is a supplement to the topics covered in the sessions.

Access to Testing and Discounted Supplements

Access to Testing and Discounted Supplements

Breath testing and functional GI testing available as needed and conveniently sent to your home. All clients get access to an online supplement dispensary and receive lifetime access to 15% off supplements purchased. (available in US and Canada only)

"I don't know that I can truly articulate how much Katrina has helped me and what that's done for my quality of life, but I will try! Katrina's approach and method has literally changed my whole life and views on food. From helping me modify food I used to enjoy (prior to a restrictive diet) to be low FODMAP & going through that to identify any possible food triggers, to pushing me to advocate for myself, giving me the tools to ease symptoms, reintroducing FODMAPs, identifying non food triggers, We've not only pretty much healed my gut but my mental health has also improved majorly. Iw know how to eat, I can eat literally anything (and if any symptoms do pop up I know exactly how to ease them) and so much freedom comes with that. I use to eat wildly because the SIBO was so bad anything would cause my symptoms. Then I ate super restrictive, to the point where I'd eat once a day and it would be like greens and a few nuts. To low FODMAP with Katrina, in a methodical way. And now I eat intentionaly, while also being able to enjoy "junk" food when I want to. I literally feel "normal", which was not the case for 10+ years!"

- lizdey g

"Frankly, when I first connected with Katrina, I was beyond terrified to invest in her and spend tons of money only for it to fail. I was on the verge of hopelessness. But, I was desperate enough that I knew I had no other choice. So I jumped in.

Words literally cannot describe what Katrina means to me. Katrina has been a breath of fresh air. She has fought for me and has been my advocate in every sense of the word. She refuses to take no for an answer and will do literally everything in her power to find the solution.

 Now, I'm pleased to report that my nausea, acid reflux, and bloating are all gone! My trigger foods are basically gone now! This girl is soooo happy to be able to eat guacamole, hummus, tacos, gyros, and other amazing foods again! Because of Katrina, I have my life back.

Go all in. Whatever Katrina suggests to buy or do, do it. But, know that at the end of the day, it's truly a process and you've gotta let your body do it's thing."

- Sarah v.

Working with Katrina was literally life-changing. Joining the weekly support group was so good for my mental health because it let me connect with others going through the exact same thing as me. Katrina helped me finally get rid of the SIBO by getting to the root cause and NOT having to do a 3rd round of antibiotics. As she states over and over again, if you don't deal with the root cause, then antibiotics aren't going to cure you. She goes over your weekly food, mood, and stool journals to help you figure out what to change in your diet to help support your gut. She recommends probiotics and/or supplements based specifically on the type of SIBO you have that are proven to work. She doesn't just throw supplement after supplement at you. She listens to you and if you say something isn't working, then she figures out a different way. She doesn't give up on you, which is what I needed after dealing with SIBO for almost 2 years. Now I can finally eat all my favorite foods again without worrying if it's going to send me into a pain/nausea spiral for days. I have energy and can go out to events or on hikes without worrying about where the nearest bathroom is. I feel normal and healthy again!

- Meaghan m

"I had been following Katrina on IG and I love her humor and she just comes across real AF... and in my experience, she really is. She has a very deep understanding of symptoms and root causes, and the foods and treatments that can help address them. I came to understand that I have low stomach acid and slow motility. During this time I also learned how to be more self-aware about my physical symptoms, I had been mistaking constipation with bloating, for example. She taught me about gut diversity which is a concept I had never come across in my past 20 years of research into things like candida and leaky gut (both things that I had self-diagnosed myself with). Also through the work we did during the reintroduction phase, I have identified that I am lactose intolerant and can only tolerate small amounts of certain other foods at a time (like cauliflower & peas). Being armed with this knowledge I feel so much more confident in my day-to-day and I really understand why I feel the way I do. Yes, my quality of life is better, my good friends continue to comment on how great I look and that my skin is glowing – and I've been slowing getting back into exercising and it simply feels amazing."

- meghan

Flexible plan

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Monthly Payments

$597 / Month

I am so ready!

$3400 (save $182)

One time payment

  • One Private initial Assessment (90 mins)
  • Five Private follow-up session (30 min)
  • Twelve bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls (90 mins)
  • Weekly Check-ins & Diary Reviews
  • Health Portal Support (6 months)
  • Educational Modules (6 months)
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Access to functional testing (breath & stool, etc.) and reviews. *Additional charges apply.
  • Discounts on 3rd Party tested supplements through Fullscripts.
  • BONUS - 6 Month Access to SIBO Friendly Recipe Vault

best value!

ready to finally get relief from your symptoms for good?

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  • One Private initial Assessment (90 mins)
  • Five Private follow-up session (30 min)
  • Twelve bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls (90 mins)
  • Weekly Check-ins & Diary Reviews
  • Health Portal Support (6 months)
  • Educational Modules (6 months)
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Access to functional testing (breath & stool, etc.) and reviews. *Additional charges apply.
  • Discounts on 3rd Party tested supplements through Fullscripts.

* 4 Month Option Also Available

Hi! I'm Katrina

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and expert in IBS, SIBO and the low FODMAP diet.

I wholeheartedly believe that good health begins in the gut. A damaged gut can show itself in so many ways – it goes far behind digestive issues. Gut healing is not easy but provided the right guidance and support, anyone can make the necessary changes to start feeling better. If you have done endless google searches and eliminated suggested foods and tried WAY TO MANY supplements to manage your symptoms, only hit a dead end, I am here for you. I have witnessed the power of gut healing with my amazing clients and am so excited for you to be next!

I am already working with a practitioner, how would this program help me?

The biggest problem that I see with other programs is that it is focused on "killing" the SIBO and fails to address root cause and optimizing the diet. You may be on the appropriate protocol to clear the SIBO but unless you manage the root cause and rebuild your gut, symptoms are going to continue to return.

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Will I be healed after the 4 months?

Many of my clients find relief in just a few short weeks. However, fully healing takes time and is not linear. Everyone is on a unique journey so it could take 4 months or more. By the 4 months however, you will absolutely have the tools to continue to heal.

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You will be as successful as the effort you put into the program. I will provide you with the details and hold your hand throughout the process. That said, I do not offer a guarantee as there are many factors that could affect you not reaching your goals that are out of our hands.

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Do you accept insurance?

In order to continue to offer a high support program, I do not accept health insurance. I do accept FSA or HSA however.

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Can we continue with you after the 4 months are up?

Yes! Absolutely! You will receive discounted group coaching or 1:1 Rates once the initial 4 months has completed as needed.

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Still on the Fence?

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