Hi! I'm Katrina, 

I wholeheartedly believe that good health begins in the gut. A damaged gut can show itself in so many ways – it goes far behind digestive issues. Gut healing is not easy but provided the right guidance and support, you can make the necessary changes to start feeling better. 

Your IBS & SIBO Dietitian

Entering college, I didn’t start off my journey with dreams of being a dietitian. I initially planned to pursue a major in Psychology and become a psychiatrist. That was until however, I took a nutrition course that changed my whole trajectory. I was absolutely fascinated with the power that food and nutrition has on our health and amazed at the connection between the gut and our brain. I completed my undergrad with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and a minor in psychology from the University of Rhode Island. I then furthered that education at the University of Rhode Island to receive a Masters of Science in Nutrition.

In the 10 years of being a Registered Dietitian, 

I have gained a vast knowledge of nutrition throughout the lifespan from pediatric and adult clinics to inpatient psychiatric hospitals. While working in a private practice, it was one pivotal client that sparked my passion in IBS and SIBO. 

This particular client came to me at what she called “the end of her rope.” She had been dealing with debilitating gas, burping, bloating, stomach cramps, and constipation for about 3 years following a decade long battle with disordered eating. She had seen many practitioners that either wrote off her symptoms as “long term results of her eating disorder” or gaslighted her to believe that her symptoms were “all in her head.” She was given handouts on restrictive diets that she did not feel comfortable trying herself due to fears of it unraveling an eating disorder that she worked so hard to end.
She was given SIBO tests and told that all of her labs were normal despite an obvious positive breath test. Once we made this discovery, I eased her into the low fodmap diet to get her to a baseline control of her symptoms while preserving a healthy relationship with food. 

We made sure not to demonize food or unnecessarily restrict any food groups. We methodically healed her SIBO, restored her gut and optimized her microbiome and she was able to fully live her life again.

That my friend is why I am so passionate about what I do.

SIBO is not a black and white condition and it takes time and dedication to heal. But I feel with high risk, comes high reward. My goal is to empower women to get to the root cause of their symptoms and kick the bandaid solutions to the curb.


I am here to tell you that healing SIBO IS possible and I am so happy to have you here to give you hope and guide you along your journey!


I have worked with hundreds of women dealing with IBS and SIBO. They have all been told “everything is normal” when by the end of the day they look and feel 6 months pregnant. They are suggested to stress less and told it is “all in your head.” They are recommended to follow restrictive diets with no end in sight and no one to support them along the way. They have been forced to believe that SIBO is a chronic condition and this may “just be the new them.”

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