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If you are sick of trying to figure everything out on your own, a proven solution to overcome your IBS & SIBO is now at your finger tips. 

Features include:

✔ Setting the foundations and understanding your symptoms.
✔ Low Fodmap elimintation 101 with guides to help you navigate food labels, grocery stores, and eating out.
✔ SIBO overview & treatment options.
✔ Adressing the root cause.
✔ Low fodmap reintroduction phase.
✔ Gut rebuilding pillars challenges.

Lovn' Your Guts Conquering SIBO Handbook


Find Relief in your IBS and SIBO once and for all!

If you are sick of trying to figure everything out on your own, a proven solution to overcome your gut problems is now at your finger tips. This Handbook is key to no longer being at the mercy of your symptoms.

Review of what SIBO is and what it isn’t, how to prepare for testing, and options for treatment. This section will guide you through what you should be eating before, during and after treatment.

Chapter #6 - SIBO Overview & Treatment options

Learn how to take the low fodmap lists and turn them into actual meals. You will gain knowledge on meal prepping and eating out during all phases of the diet. 

 Chapter # 5 - Meal Planning & Eating Out

Learn to navigate the grocery store using list and tips provided. You will also learn how to read the food labels to identify if it contains your trigger food.

Chapter #4 - Grocery Shopping & label reading

Learn the ins and outs of the low fodmap diet; phases, why it is used, and common food swaps. Regular and Gentle FODMAP lists available.

Chapter #3 - low fodmap elimination phase

This section will review digestion overview and give you more insight on YOUR GI tract and symptoms. It will show you so much more about root causes than you can find in many tests.

Chapter # 2 - understanding your symptoms

Learn to navigate what & how you should be eating to support motility, improve digestion, & strengthen your brain gut connection.

Chapter #1 - setting the foundations

SIBO is always a symptom of a bigger picture. Learn how to peel back all the layers and explore your potential root cause. You will learn risk factors, symptoms, and ways to manage your root cause to SIBO. 

Chapter # 7 - addressing the root cause

In this section you will learn the step-by-step process to reintroducing fodmaps. This should be started after 2-4 weeks on low fodmap or 3 weeks post successful SIBO treatment. 

Chapter # 8 - low fodmap reintroduction phase

Learn all the next steps in the maintenance phase on adding variety in fodmaps, prebiotics, plants, and fermented foods.You will also find the supportive gut lining supplements and probiotics that may be appropriate. 

Chapter # 9 - Rebuilding Phase

This chapter contains a compilation of my favorite FODMAP friendly recipes. These recipes are appropriate at any stage of healing but can be modified to include additional ingredients as you begin to reintroduce new foods.

Chapter # 8 - fodmap friendly recipes


Ultimate Meal Planning Guide for IBS & SIBO


IBS & SIBO 3-Week Meal Plan

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